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How to best upgrade from SQL Clone to SQL Provision during trial

We are trialing the SQL Clone product.   It is installed and in trial by multiple people.   We have since decided we'd like to trial SQL Provision (sql clone + sql data masker).    How do I introduce / upgrade our trial environment to SQL Provision so that we can explore this product offering?  Would it be best to start over or is there a less destructive method to achieve this goal?

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  • owen.hallowen.hall Posts: 57 Silver 4
    Hi Shawn,

    There definitely won't be any need to start over - your existing SQL Clone agents will notice when you install Data Masker alongside them, and will use it to mask images during creation. It'll just be a matter of installing Data Masker alongside the agents, using its GUI to create a masking set file, and supplying that file while creating an image. Here's a bit of documentation to get you started, and feel free to get in touch with support or sales if you need more time to evaluate.
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