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Difficulty in Getting Information For API Calls Hosted in IIS

I'm currently working on fixing performance issues for a client. I've been trying to use ANTS to get meaningful information, but so far it's been frustrating. Here are some issues I've seen:

* The API calls can be spread across multiple threads in IIS, so I'm forced to search for the controller method name across numerous threads. I've tried resorting to naming the threads, but that's not a great solution as there's numerous asynchronous calls done during the API execution, and task continuation can happen on another thread. Is there a simple way to say, "I'm starting with this method, where is it showing up in the profiled information?"
* I usually get a lot of "x hidden methods without source" in the call trees, but a lot of times it seems like the tree should be able to resolve at least some of the calls as they're in the API project.
* I've been using "Attach to .NET 4+ process" as the initial warm-up of the application is pretty harsh. But, whether I attach to w3wp.exe, or I use "IIS - ASP.NET", the problems I mentioned above still happen.

I'd share screen shots to show what I'm getting at, but this is client work and I'd rather not publish that here. Using 10.1 if that helps. Any insight into what I'm describing is greatly appreciated, TIA.


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