Can you control behaviour of insertion?

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Something I've never really looked into in all my years of using SQL Prompt I've just accepted how it works but is there a way to control how insertion completes your code when you accept a suggested object? For instance, I use SQL Prompt suggestions to complete an EXEC for a procedure with several optional parameters the code that is rendered presents a full statement including all parameters where in actual fact I just want the procedure name completed.

A really good example of that would be something like sp_whoisactive or sp_blitzindex where there's a tonne of optional parameters, but sometimes I just want to complete the name and run it with no optional parameters set.

I don't think this is possible but I thought I'd check. I realise I could set up a snippet for common ones but that's limited in use really.

If it isn't a thing, it would be a nice thing to be able to do...I'm thinking something like choose a button to insert entire command (TAB), choose a button to insert just object name (ENTER) or something like that.

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    As you've figured out, this is not possible in SQL Prompt at the moment and I could find any similar suggestion on our user voice forum. Can you kindly post this idea there so that other people can vote for it?

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