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Can i export detail of each masked field?

Hi at all,

i am new to Data Masker tool and i need to export a report for each masked filed that can summarize which tyoe of masking rules are applied, for example:

FIELD                |     RULES APPLIED                             |

CUST.ID            |    SUBSTITUTION, SHUFFLE                |

.....                   |    .....                                                |

It is possible? Can you help me?



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    Good Morning @Fausto thank you for your post.
    You can generate something similar with Data Masker if you go to the Tools tab and hit "Rule Structure Report"
    If you generate a full structure report it should include a similar list to the one you're looking at creating.
    Let me know if this works and if you have any additional questions - happy to help!
    Thank you very much.
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    FaustoFausto Posts: 2 New member

    @dOCTOClone thanks for your answer, that report fit my core needs.

    If i want to show data in more familiar way, are these data also available in specific tables that i can access and from where i can extract data via ETL (Pentaho, Kingsway, etc..)

    Thanks a lot



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    Hi @Fausto
    There are tables generated at run-time, the DMS Stats tables for Rules and for Tables - these tell you how the rules ran and how many rows/columns etc. on the various tables were masked.
    Unfortunately, these don't provide detail down to the column level like the report generator in the tools tab, but could be utilised and somehow pulled out to give a better overall idea of the masking in other tools, if that helps?
    Thank you very much - let me know if you have any other questions!
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