Can SQL Data Compare log the time taken to compare each table?

I have a scheduled task that calls a batch file that runs SQL Data Compare from the command line. I would like to try to improve the speed of the task. Is there a way that I can see how long SQL Data Compare is taking on each table? I have tried a verbose logging parameter, but unfortunately, it did not provide that information.


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    Hi slimshaky

    Thank you for your forum post.  You can workout the time taken to compare each table from the verbose.  The information can be across two or more threads making it a little difficult to locate the entries required.

    First there are entries checking the index and table mapping.  The entries you need to look for will be as follows:

    IndexMappings:EqualScore: comparing PK_<table_name> (LiveDatabase) vs PK_<table_name> (LiveDatabase)
    IndexMappings:EqualScore: comparing PK_<table_name>_<PK column name> vs PK_<table_name> _<PK column name>
    TableMapping/[schema].[table_name]: we have some matching mappings
    TableMapping/[schema].[table_name]:using pk
    TableMapping/[schema].[table_name]: UseIndexForMapping PK_[table_name]
    Loading data for mapping Table [schema].[table_name] to Table [schema].[table_name]
    Table readers created
    Table readers loaded data
    Summarizing differences for included mapping
    Creating results store
    Creating differences summary
    Starting table comparison task
    Comparison task has successfully finished

    The above occurs for each table being compared in your project.

    Depending on the amount of data being compared this may take a long period of time.  You can attempt to shorten the time by selecting options to ignore identical rows of data by ensuring the 'Show identical values in results' option is not selected  and / or make use of the WHERE clause filter to reduce amount of data to be compared.

    This help document advises on using the WHERE clause filter.

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