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Script generation bug

Hey everyone.  Trying to apply a script change from our repository to our local database, we found what appears to be a bug during a Get Latest attempt.

Here's the relevant snippet of the original procedure:

 PitchByPitch LIKE '%>F%' OR  --Foul<br> PitchByPitch LIKE '%>L%' OR  --Foul bunt<br> PitchByPitch LIKE '%>Q%' OR --Strike, swinging on pitchout<br> PitchByPitch LIKE '%>R%' OR --Strike, foul pitchout<br> PitchByPitch LIKE '%>S%' OR --Strike, swinging<br> PitchByPitch LIKE '%>T%' OR --Strike, foul tip<br> PitchByPitch LIKE '%>W%'    --Strike, swinging, blocked<br><br>

When we ran a Get Latest locally, and choose to "Take Theirs", here is the script that is generated:

PitchByPitch LIKE '%>F%'--Foul --FoulOR    --Foul<br>PitchByPitch LIKE '%>L%'--Foul bunt --Foul buntOR    --Foul bunt<br>PitchByPitch LIKE '%>Q%'--Strike, swinging on pitchout --Strike, swinging on pitchoutOR --Strike, swinging on pitchout<br>PitchByPitch LIKE '%>R%'--Strike, foul pitchout --Strike, foul pitchoutOR --Strike, foul pitchout<br>PitchByPitch LIKE '%>S%'--Strike, swinging --Strike, swingingOR --Strike, swinging<br>PitchByPitch LIKE '%>T%'--Strike, foul tip --Strike, foul tipOR --Strike, foul tip<br>PitchByPitch LIKE '%>W%'    --Strike, swinging, blocked
You can see that the OR parts of the last few rows have now been commented out, causing a script error.  Also worth noting, this part of the script was not a part that was changed at all in the repository - it was a separate part of the query that had been updated.  SSC should not have modified this part of the query at all.  There must be a unique combination of wildcards, comments and quotes to cause a bit of a hiccup here.

For the record, we're on SSC v7.0.6.8775, SQL 13.0.5264.1.  Thanks.



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