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Can the SQL code generated by the Data Masker be exported?

CNEAGLE1CNEAGLE1 Posts: 2 New member
edited February 15, 2019 3:37PM in Data Masker for SQL Server
Is it possible to get to the tSql code that the masker uses to execute the masking process?


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    Hi @CNEAGLE1 thank you for your post.
    In SOME cases it is possible to see some of the tSQL that Data Masker is generating, but these are usually circumstances few and far between (i.e. if you go into the logs and look down as its running the rules you'll see some of the tSQL that was generated etc.)
    In my mind the only way to fully see everything Data Masker ran would be to put a trace on the DB, ensure there's no other activity on it and then run the rules, ending the trace when it finishes.
    My question would be why you need to be able to see this? Is there anything that you're expecting to be able to do with Data Masker that you're not sure how to do or that it currently cannot?
    Thank you very much.
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