Code block branches go away when I use SQL Prompt to format

I just stated using SQL Prompt regularly. I always format my code to make ample use of code block collapsing so I can easily navigate very long procedures.  When I Ctrl-K-Y to format my code the +'s on the left go away and the only way to get them back is to open a new query window and paste my code there, however if I use the formatting option again the same things happens. I frequently format while writing and it's becoming cumbersome. Is there some options I need to turn on or off, or some easy way to bring those collapsible blocks back to an existing window?


  • Never mind, I just figure it out.   >_<

    Seems like as soon as I edit a bit of code associated with where a block begins or ends they all come back.  It would be nice if SQL Prompt triggered what every causes this to update automatically after formatting code.
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