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hover over table/view to popup defn (same as typing it out)

austrianfoodispukeaustrianfoodispuke Posts: 100
edited February 11, 2009 2:52AM in SQL Prompt Previous Versions
When you type a table name out, you can set the option to view the table or view definition.

Why can't this happen when just hovering over it?

I keep having to go and edit the table name to get it to do this.

Also very annoying is to have to reset the position and size of the window that does actually pop up at this point.


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    You should be able to see the table or view definition by hovering over it. When you hover over one of these objects you should see a hint appear showing you which sort of object it is (if you don't see these hints then you may have to turn on hinting - SQL Prompt > Options > Behaviour > Information Panels > Enable Object Definition Hints). If you click on these hints that appear then it will bring up the object definition (schema) window.

    If you resize this window then it should stay that size for the duration of the session that you're working in.
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