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Looking for an Easy Solution to an XML workflow

I am extremely new using XML and I am trying to understand what to research.

The problem seems easy but I have not found anything but complicated solutions.

Here is the Problem and Process I would like to perform.

I am presented with an XML extract from one system (let's say Service Records) which have a Parent / Child Relationship,


There will be on average 10,00 services per month.
But I will be receiving All Services Year-To-Date or an average 60,000 records form the Source System.

What I need to do is:
     Import the Source System's XML File
     Select the current month's or the last two month's records from this XML file
     Create an Output XML File that looks EXACTLY like the Source System's XML file
     Submit the resulting Output XML File to the Receiving System.

I have tried MS Access which is a very complicated process
I am now researching SQL as a possible solution.

Does anyone have a suggestion as to what is the best approach.

Am I in the right forum?


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