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Data Compare for Oracle, version -- ORA-00922 -- missing or invalid option

I am evaluating the Red Gate Data Compare product for a client. I am using Data Compare for Oracle, version When I try and deploy the script generated from the data compare I am getting an ORA-00922 -- missing or invalid option error. However, when I run the script directly in a sql tool it completes successfully without syntax errors. I need guidance on how to resolve this error through the deployment wizard.



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    Hi @Scranford,

    ORA-00922 indicates an invalid option specified in defining a column or storage clause, which is something I would expect to see in Schema Compare for Oracle instead of Data Compare.

    Can you please enable verbose logging recreate the issue and then have a look at the log file?  Search for the ORA-00922 error and a few lines above it should be something like "Executing statement" - please send this line and any other lines around it that look like the PL/SQL it's having an issue with.

    Also, when you run into the error in the UI, there should be a link to submit the error report - please to do this using your email address as well so I can find it in our system.

    Kind regards,

    Product Support Engineer | Redgate Software

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