No text matches after upgrade to SSMS 14 and SQL Search

dcpeterdcpeter Posts: 3 New member
Until recently, I used a previous version of SSMS and SQL Search without problem on the same database.
 After upgrade, no TEXT matches are returned for the contents of Stored Procedures and Functions; it only returns matches on Name and Column.  The search is set to All Object Types and Matches on All for a single database. Reindexing changes nothing. Clearing out the index files under AppData changes nothing. The error that appears repeatedly in the log file is "Failed to get the object hierarchy".


  • Are you connecting to a non/untrusted domain machine using SQL Auth by any chance? Can you attach the whole log?
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  • dcpeterdcpeter Posts: 3 New member
    I am not connecting to a non-trusted domain.
    The log is attached.
  • sqlgardensqlgarden Posts: 4 New member
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    deleted because the thing I am experiencing isn't entirely the same after all.
  • @dcpeter

    Do you remember which version did you upgrade from? Can you downgrade to this version? Does it give you the same issue?
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  • dcpeterdcpeter Posts: 3 New member
    I was previously using version 2.2.  I removed version 3.2.  I downloaded 2.2 and attempted to install.  The installer would not install it (greyed out check box) and gave no explanation.  I tried the same with version 2.3 and got the same inability to install. I then jumped to the latest version 2: 2.4.4.  I was able to install it.  Without any other adjustments, it is working as expected: it once again finds results in the text of stored procedures and functions and displays them.
  • Tianjiao_LiTianjiao_Li Posts: 684 Rose Gold 5
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    Thanks for the tests! I'm still not able to reproduce the issue in version 3.2.3. Would you be able to provide a snapshot or a cut down version of your database?
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  • jamaljamal Posts: 46 Bronze 3
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    hi, I experienced the same behavior. 
    1. upgraded sql search from v2.x to 3.x (also within SSMS14)
    2. rebooted
    3. sql search displayed no results no matter what search I attempted (a very different behavior than in the past - I've used this for many years).
    4. I uninstalled sql search
    5. I upgraded sql prompt from 9.0 ish to 9.5.23
    6. I reinstalled sql search 3.2.1
    7. Sql search now returns results
    One thing I noticed, when upgrading from sql search 2, the installer placed sql search 3 content into the sql search 2 path.  When I reinstalled sql search 3 from scratch, it placed its content into the sql search 3 path.  I'm not sure if this is the/part of the issue or not.  Sorry I did not keep better track of version numbers.
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