Ignoring permissions granted to a specific user

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I know I can ignore permissions for all SQL Server objects, but I need to ignore permissions granted to a specific user e.g. I want to filter out:
GRANT INSERT ON dbo.Account TO TempAccountManager
but not:
GRANT INSERT ON dbo.Account TO AccountManagers

I've tried ignoring the specific user: TempAccountManager, but that does not affect GRANT statements.

Best Answer

  • Sergio RSergio R Posts: 610 Rose Gold 5
    SQL Compare options are global and will affect all objects.

    There is an option, Ignore User Permissions and Role Memberships, that will ignore permissions assigned to users but not to roles, so this would work in your case if TempAccountManager was a user and Account Managers was a role.

    Apart from that, you could use a filter to prevent specific objects from being compared,
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