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Jenkins will not build after Git merge

I'm working on a DevOps solution that includes SQL Change Automation, Git, and Jenkins, but I can’t seem to get Git to reliably trigger a Jenkins build when doing a Git merge.

In Git, I have three “environment” branches (test, staging, master) plus a “feature” branch named feature1. 

If I commit a change to feature1, a build is triggered. 

If I then merge feature1 into another branch (e.g. test), GitHub does a push to Jenkins (I can see this in the GitHub Hook Log), but no build is triggered because Jenkins (or Git, not sure which) doesn’t think there were any changes:

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    tomslickerstomslickers Posts: 40 Bronze 2
    This was solved using Jenkins multi-branch pipelines. Any Git branch will build now when a push or merge is done, and I only need one Jenkins project for each database.


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