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Deadlock issue.

. We are getting an exception when running the substitution rule and getting deadlock issue.This happens mainly running with ore than 1 workers.Can anyone help on this please ASAP.


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    arungkarungk Posts: 10 New member
    We have started using DM to mask our SQL Server 2008 DB, the masking was done successfully an year ago and we have updated the Data Sets with updated rules. However running it now throws an exception as below, and it is caused by a deadlock issue, we think it might be related to multiple workers running at the same time to execute on the same tables. We tried to set it to utilize 1 worker and it seems to work but the time to mask doubles.

    #### Masking Rule Exceptions
    RuleID=01-0075, Transaction (Process ID 52) was deadlocked on lock resources with another process and has been chosen as the deadlock victim. Rerun the transaction.

    RuleID=20-0048-04, Invalid operation. The connection is closed.

    RuleID=20-0048-04, Invalid operation. The connection is closed.
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    arungkarungk Posts: 10 New member
    Thank you for your reply.

    The error i found is between the rules in RangeSplitter ,which causing the deadlock to happen.I am not able to edit the RangeSplitter to arrange the rules.Can you please tell me how to avoid deadlock in rules in splitrule.
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    Thank you @arungk
    If you are having deadlocks between range splitter rules then potentially there must be some overlap between them or the ranges have not been specified correctly.
    Have you checked that the range splitter has been defined correctly and that the rules don't cross-over when it comes to the range values?
    Also if you would like me to take a further, more in-depth look at this, please feel free to send your .dmsmaskset Masking Set (which doesn't contain any sensitive data, it is just the XML config file) and, if possible, the logs from the deadlocking run, and I will investigate this further.
    My email is: chris.unwin@red-gate.com
    Thank you very much - have a great weekend.
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