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Masking nested XML attributes


Hoping someone can help, please. I'm trying to mask an XML attribute but not having much luck setting up the rule. My data looks like this:



<clientlifestyle unit="0" name="NoLifestyle" cont_id="424583" cont_set_id="0" isassumed="false" value="" containsassumeddata="false" />

<clientlifestyle unit="21" name="ClientName" cont_id="0" cont_set_id="1" isassumed="false" value="Example Name" containsassumeddata="false" />

<clientlifestyle unit="24" name="ClientDOB" cont_id="0" cont_set_id="2" isassumed="false" value="16/09/1987" containsassumeddata="false" />

<clientlifestyle unit="25" name="ClientGender" cont_id="0" cont_set_id="3" isassumed="false" value="Male" containsassumeddata="false" />

<clientlifestyle unit="26" name="OccupationId" cont_id="0" cont_set_id="7" isassumed="false" value="purchasing manager" containsassumeddata="false" />

<clientlifestyle unit="23" name="PostCode" cont_id="0" cont_set_id="9" isassumed="false" value="BN20 8XS" containsassumeddata="false" />

<clientlifestyle unit="0" name="ClientTitleOther" cont_id="0" cont_set_id="2739" isassumed="false" value="" containsassumeddata="false" />

...and I'm trying to mask the "Example Name" attribute.Would someone please be able to help with the XPath to target that attribute, please?

Many thanks,




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