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Hide constraint names in comparison results

heck4heck4 Posts: 5 New member
edited January 22, 2019 2:03PM in SQL Compare
Similar to this question:

I am using the option for "Ignore system named constraints and index names" and when finding objects with differences it is ignoring these constraints.

However, if the objects have another difference unrelated to constraints, the constraint name differences are still shown in the comparison window. This is a really bad visual and hard to compare because there's a lot useless information.

In general is there a way to make the comparison view respect the comparison logic?

Option is on:

An object that is different:

Difference caused by nullablity, not constraints. Option is working.
Option doesn't affect the comparison view. Constraint differences are visible with no way to hide it. Very hard when doing a review to focus on what actually changed. The Summary View helps with this, but the SQL View remains confusing.



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