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Expanding wildcard for @table variables not displaying computed columns

ggeierggeier Posts: 30 Bronze 2
The expand wildcard feature is not working for @table variables. If I declare a @table with computed columns, then expand the wildcard, only the non-computed columns will be shown. For example:

declare @t table ( C1 varchar(9) ,C2 as ('a' + C1) ,C3 as ('z') ) select * from @t

If I expand the asterisk, it'll show:
select C1 from @t<br>
All other tables don't have this issue. I am using version:

Best Answer

  • Tianjiao_LiTianjiao_Li Posts: 684 Rose Gold 5
    Accepted Answer
    Thanks for reporting this issue! It's logged as SP-7431 in our internal bug tracking system now. Please keep an eye on the release note!
    Kind regards

    Tianjiao Li | Redgate Software
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