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A bug in the Alert system?

AlexSuAlexSu Posts: 2 New member
If I use multiple alert thresholds for example for Blocking Alert, like 1 minute - low, 2 - medium and 5 - high, then all these 3 alerts are generated in the monitor, but I will only get one e-mail message for "Low". I've noticed the same is true for disk space alert. I may decide to ignore the low alert e-mail because I know there will be a medium/high if the issue continues, but I will never get it! It is completely unreliable and I would consider it as a major bug of an Alert system.

Best Answer

  • Russell DRussell D Posts: 1,324 Diamond 5
    A few questions: what level is this alert configured at, and have you overriden it at any level? Secondly, have you ticked the box for level change increase emails in Notification Settings?

    Have you visited our Help Centre?


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