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Partial project using table name prefix?

I have a DB that has a new set of tables for a new application.  For some reason, the developers were not able to create the new objects in a new schema, so they are in dbo.  All of the tables are prefixed with <Prefix>_<TableName>.  I'm wondering how I can set up a SCA project to just work with the objects names LIKE <Prefix>_%?

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    Perfect.  Thanks guys.  The online docs were a little funky, so I went about it by:
    1) Created a new empty dev DB on localhost
    2) Created a new project, connected to the new DB for dev, but did not connect to a "target" DB (where I want to grab the <Prefix>_% tables from.)
    3) Started a new SQL compare project and chose source as the "target DB", target as my empty new localhost dev DB.
    4) Compared, then under actions, chose "filter setup pane"
    5) created a custom filter: object_name like <Prefix>_
    6) Saved the filter.scpf into the root folder of my project
    7) closed and reopened the solution
    8) Continued with "setup the project" and imported the baseline script. 
    Looks good.  I only have those objects in the project. :)
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