changed object not showing in Get Latest tab


I have a table on which I have made some changes on database. When i go to the commit tab it is showing me the changed table as an edit and I can commit to the repo as expected. When I go to the Get Latest tab I don't see this table anymore. In the past, when I wanted to rolback my change on db, I just went to the Get Latest tab and applied the repo version on my db again. Is this intended behaviour and if so, how do I get the repo version again on my database if not via Get Latest?

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  • DiogoDiogo Posts: 67 Silver 5
    Hi @gemu,

    If you want to undo a change that you have not commited yet you should be able to do it by right-clicking the object on the Commit tab.
    If you want to rollback an object to a previous version you should use the View History functionality.


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