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Possibilities with SQL Data Compare

I need a tool where I can make an automated process where I:

Compare two tables on a daily basis. They are placed in a separate databases together with a lot of other tables but they do not have the same name. The data structure is almost the same and they have a columns where they can match rows on.

Would that be possible to do with this tool and if yes how would you set this up so you in a command line. You would need to provide the table names. The key columns to match rows on is static so maybe that could be configured in a project?

It looks a bit to me as this tool is mainly designed to compare whole databases, but maybe I am wrong?

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    Rob CRob C Posts: 419 Gold 2
    You can't do it directly from the command line, but the project file is xml so you could replace the table name in the file and then run the comparison.
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