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swadeswade Posts: 3 New member
I am doing a SQL Compare like I have done many times before, but today I get the following warning when i try to deploy a table or a view: The trigger xxxxx cannot be decrypted in one or more of the datasources. its contents cannot be compared and it cannot be synchronized.   Why am I getting this warning and how can i resolve this?

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  • swadeswade Posts: 3 New member
    I should add, I am comparing a snapshot to the database that was just refreshed from production. I made the snapshot, refreshed the database and am comparing the snapshot to the database.  The tables and views getting the warning have not been modified for 4+ years.
  • As Tianjao said, this is likely a permissions issue.  Please ensure SQL Compare is connecting to SQL Server with the same login as before, and check whether that user's permissions on the database have changed.
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