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Using the Change Automation for VSTS Dropped all of the tables in my target DB

Redgate SQL Change Automation: Build builds my change automation project to a nuget package. 
The build artifact contains a baseline script generated with the creation of the project in VS 
Redgate SQL Change Automation: Release then runs using that artifact.

I have opened the nuget package and verified that it looks alright.

The process then DROPS all the tables, procedures and functions in the database. Leaving me with no data... 

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    I'm really sorry that happened. This shouldn't be how this works, and I hope we can help you.

    A couple things. First, when you say the nuget package looks alright, can you explain what you mean here? I assume you mean that you see an 001_xxx script for the baseline and then some 002_yyyy, 003_zzz scripts for migrations?

    What did you run as far as SQL Change Automation. There are lots of cmdlets here that can be run, so can you describe the release process steps?
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    blink1217blink1217 Posts: 2 New member

    There was no migration there was only one baseline file. 
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    MondayMonday Posts: 77 Silver 3
    edited January 9, 2019 3:51PM
    It seems like it would be prudent, if its possible, that when the operation does not match the project type in the package to throw an error on build or deployment and stop. 
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