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Bug Fix (Multi Script) - Filtering databases in the Database Distribuition List

nradhanradha Posts: 5 Bronze 1
edited January 7, 2019 7:00PM in SQL Multi Script

Sometimes I filter databases in a list and select those databases to run a script on.  So in order to run a script on databases with "Test" and "Dev" in them:

1. I select my list

2. Type "Test", and select those databases

3. Clear "Test" and type "Dev" and select those database

4. Clear "Dev" to see what I've selected

I'm left with databases that I didn't select.  When selecting databases in a filtered list, it looks like it's selects the first few databases in the entire list even though they weren't part of my initial filter.  This only happens after clearing the filter to see what all was selected.



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