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Convert SQL Source Control repository to SQL Change Automation?

Hey everyone,
Our teams here have always been frustrated by the 5 to 20 minute wait times for the commit tab on SQL Source Control so I decided to check out SQL Change Automation. It appears to be much faster (running at about 1-3 minutes for our largest db).

My question is how do I migrate over to it without losing our commit history? Is there an easy way to import it or folder structure change that I can do in the existing repository so that we can keep our history?

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    Hi @JMcKinnon

    Unfortunately, we don't have a way to support migrating the commit history from SQL Source Control to SQL Change Automation.
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    JMcKinnonJMcKinnon Posts: 4 New member
    @Diogo Is there a way I can change the folder structure of SQL Source Control to move towards SQL Change Automation? I can keep the commit history if I do a new commit that just moves the files into the new structure but I need to know if the scripts generated from each are compatible (same format, tool will recognize, etc.)
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