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SQL Response crashes with System.OutOfMemory errors

olivierpolivierp Posts: 7
edited February 2, 2009 10:53AM in SQL Monitor Previous Versions
We are trying to evaluate SQL Response, but the Service crashes several times a day on System.OutOfMemory errors.
The repository is currently looking at a total of 8 servers.
7 have a single instance, 1 hosts 3 (SQL 2000/2005)
6 servers are in North America, 1 Down Under, 1 in Europe, as well as the server hosting the repository.
The repository server has a 1CPU & 1Gb RAM. Memory used by system process & 2 idle sanbox SQL instances is 400Mb, including VM space.
It also has the .Net 2 KB948815 applied, as found in the forum.

The time between crashes varies, 2-4 hours in general, depending on the monitored server's activity.


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    Hi Oliverp,

    I'm sorry that you're having a problem with SQL Response. We've have had a few instance of this issue reported and are currently putting the finishing touches on a fix. This will be made available as part of SQL Response 1.2, which is scheduled to be released very soon.

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