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If I have aquired a licence of RedGate SQLToolbelt on how many computers can I use it in the same time?

If I have a desktop and a laptop I can make the installation on both computers and registered on the same account?
So I can use it on both, but not in the same time, obviously.

Many thanks for reply


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    Hi Nick, 

    Most Redgate tools are licensed per user and in these cases, yes! A single user can activate the licenses on as many of their own devices and for their own use as they need. 

    However some tools are licensed per server, they are SQL Monitor and SQL Backup Pro. 

    In the case of the SQL Toolbelt, where you have both per user license and per server licenses, you will need to purchase additional licenses of the server tools if the number of servers is more than the number of users. 

    Hope that covers it for you!

    Kind regards

    Robyn Edwards | Redgate Software
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