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Using PowerShell to compare TFS database folder or NuGet package to a database

I am working on automating database deployment with Redgate SQL Change Automation. I know the “SQL Change Automation Sync” plugin is capable of comparing a NuGet package to a database and deploying/generating a deployment script. I also know that SQL compare GUI is able to compare a Team Foundation Server database folder to a database and generate a deployment script. What I need is to replicate those two functionality using PowerShell. I can do a comparison between 2 databases using PowerShell and generate a deployment script with no issues, but what I can't find, is an example of how to compare a database to a TFS database folder or compare a NuGet package to a database using PowerShell . Basically, I want the functionality of the “SQL Change Automation Sync” without the deployment. I would really appreciate it if anyone can provide an example of how to compare a “TFS database folder” to a database and a database to “NuGet package” using PowerShell.

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