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Can we change the output of Changes.html to NOT included previous column with just a comma added?

When I add a new column to a table via SCA, and then generate Changes.html via New-DatabaseReleaseArtifact / Export-DatabaseReleaseArtifact, I see changes marked-up/highlighted for the existing column before the new column.  The difference is of course only the comma at the end of the line of the previous column.  It would be nice to have it only show the new column as a delta.  I realize this is a low priority question/request.

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    Sergio RSergio R Posts: 610 Rose Gold 5
    I have created an enhancement request for this.
    Please note that this does not guarantee that this will be implemented, just that it has been reported as an enhancement request to the development team, so that they take into consideration the next time they look at this report's layout.
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