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How do I turn off SQL Prompt feature?

SherrySherry Posts: 1 New member
After I installed RedGate SQL Prompt, it automatically changes lower cases to upper case when I type in. However, in many cases, I need to use lower cases on purposely but the prompt keeps poping up which is really annoying.  Also, SQL prompt would automatically select function or stored procedure names too and a disaster happened one time -- RedGate SQL prompt entered a stored procedure name for me after I typed in a few characters. I didn't notice the name wasn't correct since it's a long name and only 2 characters are different from the one I need to use. As the result, I accidentally executed the wrong embedded stored procedure and override things that shouldn't be overwritten!  Please, this is making my work so much more difficult, I need to turn this feature off! Can someone tell me how to uninstall SQL Prompt? 


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