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Data Masking Report Generation

We are running several data masking sets against both a SQL Clone and a non-clone.  We were hoping that there would be report information about how many rows were involved and rows/second etc..  However, running from a Powershell script to activate the Data Masking tool and run masking sets does not seem to produce report files.  Is there a setting that will allow the production of report files when running from Powershell?



  • Hi @Robb_Keller Thank you for your post,
    When running masking sets as part of an image or CLone creation workflow, the reports that Data Masker output are written instead to the Clone log locations instead of the one specified in the Misc Setup tab of the tool, for instance, my Data Masking logs are written to the below location on the SQL Clone Server machine: 

    C:\Users\[CloneServerServiceUserName]\AppData\Local\Red Gate\Logs\SQL Clone\Images\dmdatabase2017image_00000100_ick\Creation\[MaskingSetName]\Reports

    As a side note I should also point out that we would always recommend running masking sets against images and not Clones, the reason for this is that running masking sets against the Clones will cause data differences which in turn will cause the Clone differencing disk to bloat and take up additional space.

    Let me know if you have any further questions thank you very much! 
  • Furthermore, if you are running SQL Clone 3 and running Data Masker as part of image creation, if you go to the Activity page in the web UI, you should be able to download the logs from there:

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