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When running JsonConvert.SerializeObject on an object {} is returned

shane_russoshane_russo Posts: 7 New member
edited December 13, 2018 9:02AM in SmartAssembly
I have obfuscated an assembly with Smart Assembly and when calling:

string json = JsonConvert.SerializeObject(drivers);

json ends up as "[{}]"

If I add [Serializable] to the class I end up with:

But still no values.

If I don't obfuscate the code then the json string is created correctly with the correct values.

What do I need to use to get the JsonConvert.SerializeObject(drivers); to correctly serialize?

I have added:
[Serializable SmartAssembly.Attributes.DoNotObfuscate SmartAssembly.Attributes.DoNotPrune SmartAssembly.Attributes.DoNotObfuscateType]

to the classes used in the drivers object without any success. 

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    shane_russoshane_russo Posts: 7 New member
    Turns out that adding:

    [Serializable SmartAssembly.Attributes.DoNotPruneType]

    to the class fixes the problem.

    (Keep in mind that you have to reference the SmartAssembly.Attributes.dll in your project before you can add the command to your class)
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