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SQL Graph Edge Constraints

Is SQL Compare going to add support for edge constraints? This feature is still in preview for SQL Server 2019. Our project is going to be utilizing this feature, so it's important for us that this is included in the products.


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    Hi jdeprato,

    Thanks for posting on the Redgate forums.

    This feature is one that is being discussed for SQL Compare although at this stage I couldn't give any guarantees on implementation or a timescale for this.
    Kind regards,
    Dan Bainbridge
    Product Support Engineer | Redgate Software
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    jdepratojdeprato Posts: 6 New member
    I have to be honest. That fact that you support the graph features now in SQL 2017 and then saying you aren't sure if you are going to support edge constraints is kind of strange to me. It's kind of like saying well we're going to support relational tables, but we're not going to support foreign key constraints. Without edge constraints there's really no way to know what node tables have edge relationships with other nodes without actually looking at the data. This was the essential piece missing from the graph functionality from it's inception. We are about to buy a considerable amount of licenses for several of your products for our development and database teams and your response is leaving me with a lot of questions as to whether we should forgo that purchase until you guys decide the best course of action. I realize the functionality is in preview, but I am working directly with Microsoft's product group that deal's with SQL graph and there has been no indication this functionality isn't going to make the final release. If you have some sort of beta program we would gladly help become testers of these features if that will help drive the decision. Our application is definitely more bleeding edge in our choice of technologies, so there is some reasonable expectation other tools we're using will need to catch up. Hopefully my response is helpful when you make your decision to add this functionality. I won't reply to my other posts on the other products because this information would more or less be a repeat because my thoughts are the same with those products as far as support for this feature.
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