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feature suggestion

fatherjack2fatherjack2 Posts: 311
edited January 30, 2009 5:30AM in SQL Prompt Previous Versions

I don't know how many other developers work but the way I produce scripts involves adding Raiserror lines in my TSQL that report progress to me while I am developing/debugging. Once I am happy with the script these lines get commented out so that they are still there for future development/debugging etc.

It would be awesome if there was a command that we could use to comment/uncomment lines through the whole script that end with a given suffix.

I might have a line like this whilst developing:
RAISERROR ('Just updated xyz table',0,0,1) WITH NOWAIT;

once this script is working i would alter the above line to be:
--DEBUG LINE: RAISERROR ('Just updated xyz table',0,0,1) WITH NOWAIT;

I cant use find/replace to switch between the two.

If i could write this:
RAISERROR ('Just updated xyz table',0,0,1) WITH NOWAIT; --/*#*/

and SQL Prompt would add and remove the "--DEBUG LINE: " for lines where it finds --/*#*/ then it would allow me to turn them all on and off at will.

This may or may not be useful to other developers - I may just be a freak!



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    Thanks for your feedback. I've raised this as a feature request in our issue tracking software. The product manager and developers will decide how important this feature is and whether it will be implemented in the future. This will depend on a number of considerations including how many users it would benefit.

    For your reference the feature tracking code is: SP-1592
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