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Azure DevOps SQL Change Automation: Build error


I have followed this guide to try to create an automated build pipeline in azure devops and using the provided project.


however, when I go to actually try to run the release with the defaults, it gives me this,

If anyone else has ran into this issue before, or might have some ideas at what the problem could be, please send it.



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    Did you click the ellipsis to the right of the SQL Change Automation Project field?

    Setting the system.debug variable to True will increase the verboseness of the log and give you a better indication why this is failing
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    joemo65joemo65 Posts: 2 New member
    I figured out my issue and it was just a dumb mistake on my part. I was attempting to do the Build step in a release pipeline instead of a build pipeline.

    The reason that lead me to doing this was because in the first step when selecting where is your code I would select "Azure Repos" which then would not allow me to select an empty Pipeline project template later on and thus not being able to select the Change Automation Build Tool.

    I recommend making sure to "use the visual designer" and then selecting your repository otherwise you may have trouble trying to create an empty pipeline template and thus not be able to select the extension.
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