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Powershell deployment slow?

Still learning and trying out SCA. Running the DeployPackage.ps1 it takes way longer than I would have expected. My database has 775 objects. I have 4 tables included with data that have less than 20 rows each. What is the normal time it takes for a deployment? The very first time I deployed to my UAT server it took about 25 mins for only 7 objects that actually changed. If I run a deployment that has no changes it takes 10 mins.

Sample output from power shell:
The database already exists. An incremental deployment will be performed.
----- executing pre-deployment script "Pre-Deployment\01_Create_Database.sql" -----
# Beginning transaction
>>>>>>It sits here for 10 mins, what is it doing??
# Committing transaction
----- executing post-deployment script "Post-Deployment\01_Finalize_Deployment.sql" -----
Deployment completed successfully.

SQL compare takes 10 secs to compare my databases and the script generated takes 5 secs to run.


  • MondayMonday Posts: 77 Silver 3
    I have learned a couple of things to answer this myself for anyone else who may see this.

    1. if you accidentally post a question flagged as a discussion it won't get an answer.
    2. The slowness was only on my laptop. Running the script on the deployment server was fast. What I was experiencing is not normal. Not sure what was affecting the speed but I would guess some security tool was blocking / slowing actions.
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