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Server not being checked

GrahamWadeGrahamWade Posts: 21
edited January 28, 2009 6:35AM in SQL Monitor Previous Versions
One of our servers does not seem to be being checked for days and then is checked. For instance at the moment it has recommendations where it says it checks every hour but the last check was more than one day ago.

Everything is enabled. Is there a confiiguration setting that I have inadvertently set to cause this delay?

Graham Wade
Graham Wade


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    I also have seen recommendation details where the check cycle is every 1.0 hours but the Last checked value is something to the order of x days ago.

    It seem transient in so far as over time the Last checked will return to < 1hr.

    As they are recommendations, in most cases, I have them in hand as work to do anyway so I am not too concerned if the parameter isnt checked 24 times a day...


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