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How do I load Powershell module for SqlClone? Get...?

I'm trying to run a Powershell script to create a clone on my local machine.  I filled out the example Powershell script, but I think I need to load an assembly or something for this, something like [System.Reflection.Assembly]::LoadWithPartialName("Microsoft.SqlServer.Smo") | Out-Null for SQL Server.  I'm getting a 'Connect-SQLClone' is not recognized as the name of a comdlet...

I have locally installed the SQL Clone agent and the Red Gate Data Masking stuff.  How do I run Powershell scripts locally?  Or, what needs to be loaded in the environment to run the script.  Otherwise, maybe I have the wrong server for where the clones are stored.


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  • Perfec.  Thanks for the quick response!

  • Owen, or anyone.

    Hey, one more time...  I'm trying to run the script to load Powershell commands and I'm an administrator on the VM.  I also ran explorer as an administroator and even disabled Enhanced Security Configuration, but still get 'Access denied, the user is not a member of the permitted Windows security group' message when I try to open the web interface for /settings/powershell.

    Any ideas??
  • Hi - do you have permissions enabled in SQL Clone?
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  • Thanks Mark,
    Turns out that Powershell needed to be set to unrestricted from remote access.  That and putting the websites in the trusted zone fixed everything.
    Thanks for the help though,
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