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SQL data compare tool shows incorrect differences

I have two different databases which are from Azure. I used to query them using SSMS tool. Recently, I exported data from one database(amsdb_int) to another (masterpoc_staging). During testing on UI, observed that data is mismatched from one of the table. When I directly query the table using SSMS, found that content of one of the table (psUserDisplayProfile) field from row is mismatched (content of settings.json field from source table for Id=7 is  not matching with settings.json field from target table for the same id). 
             Even, one row which is extra in destination doesn't get deleted though I selected to override data from destination. It was strange for me as other data seems migrated correctly. So, again I compared source and destination, but comparison tool was showing that table under 'No Difference' section. Next time I deleted all the rows from destination and started tool again to compare with data. This time too that table was showing under 'No Difference' section. Hence thought to bring into notice to you guys. 
As a ref., I am sharing screen shots of the behavior. Hope it will help to understand the issue. 
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