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SQL Prompt 6.5 not installing into SSMS 17.9

I have just installed the lastest SSMS 17.9 version but noticed that SQL Prompt is not present.
I have uninstalled SQL Prompt 6.5  from my computer and have reinstalled it hoping it would find the new SSMS but it did not.  It did reappear in SSMS version 12 that comes with SQL Server 2014.
Any idea on how to get it to appear with the latest supported version of SSMS?


  • Hi @simpledba

    Please can you try repairing the SIP Framework installation:

    1. Open Programs and Features
    2. Right-click SSMS Integration Pack Framework 1 and select Repair

    Kind regards

    Victoria Wiseman | Redgate Software
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  • Steve_NguyenSteve_Nguyen Posts: 1 New member
    edited October 15, 2019 2:17PM
    Hello. I know this is an old thread but I have the same issue. Where do I find Programs and Features to fix the SSMS Integration Pack Framework 1? I am running Windows 10 and the SSMS is a new install. 
  • williamlwilliaml Posts: 1 New member
    Also having the same issue, I have Sql Prompt 6.5 and installed SSMS v18 (15.0.1818.0) and do not have Sql Prompt in that new install.

    I do not see SSMS Integration Pack Framework as part of my add/remove programs list.

    Is this something that would be resolved if I buy a new version of Sql Prompt? I don't mind buying a new version, but only if it would resolve my issue.
  • Victoria WVictoria W Posts: 172 Gold 1
    edited October 18, 2019 9:50AM
    @Steve_Nguyen - What versions of SQL Prompt and SSMS are you running?  If it's an old version it may be that it's not supported by SSMS 18.

    @williaml - SQL Prompt 6.5 isn't supported by SSMS 18.

    For SQL Prompt requirements please see this documentation; just select the documentation link for your version of SQL Prompt and then click on requirements (or Getting Started>Requirements):

    Kind regards

    Victoria Wiseman | Redgate Software
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