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We are currently using SQL Compare 13.4 to compare source control (TFS) with a DB. 

We are using the command line in order to generate the script that we run on the said DB.

The command works fine. The only problem appears when we have a new InMemory table. The problem is that it adds BEGIN TRANSACTION and therefore it cannot run the script.

These are the switches that we use: 
/Options:f,iu,ib,icc,ich,ic,icm,IgnoreDatabaseAndServerName,ie,ifg,ift,iilp,iit,infr,ip,iqen,irpt,ist,ito,iup,iw,iweo,incd,iip,isi,adus /TransactionIsolationLevel:serializable

Is there any way of solving this problem? Any way of removing the begin/commit for InMemory tables automatically?


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