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Does SCA support EF Core Code-First Migrations?

We are investigating using SCA to help with migrations in our EF Core 2.1 code-first project. The issue leading us to look at SCA is when deploying migrations to the target database using the CLI the dotnet tool needs access to the source code. E.g. 
dotnet ef database update --project .\Core.DataModel\Core.DataModel.csproj --startup-project Core\Core.csproj
All the examples seem to be for EF6 and if I go through the code-first tutorial at https://documentation.red-gate.com/sca3/tutorials/worked-examples/work-with-entity-framework-codefirst-migrations I get errors when issuing the command below saying the command is unrecognised
Update-Database -Script -Source $InitialDatabase
Any help or advice here would be appreciated.


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