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How to avoid table rebuilt when it occurs due to the difference in TEXTIMAGE_ON filegroup property

deepsdeeps Posts: 10 New member
When deploying database  with SQL compare and SQL change Automation, the table is rebuilt if there is a difference in TEXTIMAGE_ON filegroup property between source and target database. Tried with the Ignore filegroup SQL compare option. Still rebuilt happens. Please suggest a method to avoid this rebuilt.


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    I can't reproduce it in SQL Compare 13.6.3. Can you please upgrade and test again?

    Should problem persists, please share some screenshots with the problem.

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    Tianjiao Li | Redgate Software
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    deepsdeeps Posts: 10 New member
    Thanks for the reply. I am using SQL Compare version 13.3.2. Rebuilt of table does not occur if the difference is only with the TEXTIMAGE_ON filegroup property. If there is any other difference in the table along with the TEXTIMAGE_ON filegroup property rebuilt occurs.
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    SQL Compare rebuilds tables only when it needs to, but there are a lot of reasons why this may happen.  There is usually some explanation for why the table was rebuilt on the Warnings tab.
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