SSMS plugin for SQL Compare - only by launching SQL Compare ?

bitshift2bitshift2 Posts: 11 New member
edited November 15, 2018 9:11PM in SQL Compare
Right-click Db in SSMS, select "Select schema comapre/deploy > set as source"
This shows a tabbed view directly in SSMS, where I can select the target. 
Ok, so far so good.  However, that's where SSMS ends and SQL compare must be launched via a button, correct?
With SQL Source control, I never have to leave SSMS (other than SCM tasks within my Git tool or command window etc)

Am I missing something?  Its no big deal but It seems like the intent was to have something that worked entirely within the context of SSMS?  I've used SQL Compare for a few years now, but have only recently switched back to it from SSDT schema compare within Visual Studio.


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