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Forcing SQL Source Control to always use my own development database

I don't know how other people use SQL Source Control, but in my case each developer has their own development database. And every developer has only their ONE development database (e.g. DB_CGONZALEZ for mine, DB_GSMITH for another, etc...)
Based on our scenario we all find it frustrating that our SQL Source Control content disappears when we navigate to other databases (QA, Models, Customers, etc...) as it frantically tries to link to whatever database we are selecting.
It would be extremely useful for us to be able to configure SQL Source Control so it only looks at our one assigned database.
Like a little LOCK icon that would allow me to keep the SQL Source Control window locked into MY database regardless of where I am navigating.
Or an option where we can say "Keep content on last linked database when clicking on unlinked databases" ?
I expect many other users use SQL Source Control in the same way that I do where each user has only one linked database.

Thank you!


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