Version 5 versus Version 4, are the filesystems compatible?


The upgrade between versions 3 and 4, had a incompatible file system. You had to use the same version. 

What issues should we expect between version 4 and 5? 

Example of where I am going, should all users be on the same version?  It would be lovely if we could just upgrade as needed not all at once. Stagger it, and not have people asking wtf, when changes between Schema Compare version cause issues. 
 ie, avoid chasing all users down. hassle.
eg I found one person still on version 3 yesterday. luckily he does not edit privileges



  • Hi @AlexC,

    I don't believe there are any structural changes in how Schema Compare for Oracle writes out a scripts folder - I have just done a test and created a scripts folder using V5,  then used that as the source in v4 to compare to a database and it all worked fine.

    I think the problem is more likely to arise if/when there are keywords that were not able to be parsed by v4 that have now been added in v5 where you may get parsing errors for people still using lower versions of the tool.

    I hope that helps!

    Kind regards,
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