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Automatic Data Deployment using an existing SQL Data Compare project file


we used the SQL Comparison SDK to automate the deployment from our master database to several read only copies.

Because the Comparison SDK is no longer available it seems, we must use the SQL Change automation.

I'm probably just blind but unfortunately I could not find any example for our needs.

We want to deploy data once an hour from one database to another using an existing SQL Data Compare project file. The built-in Windows task scheduler would be an option to execute "something" to automate the deployment.

And here comes you :) Could someone please tell me, what I must use as "something". Is there a powershell script? Or is this possible with a small .NET application? ...?

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    StefanFalzStefanFalz Posts: 2 New member
    The command line of SQL Data compare should make it. With the /Project switch I'm able to specify the project file and with the /Synchronize switch the database will be updated after comparison.

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