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Provisioning Omada Identity Suite Data for Development and Test?


I naively said recently that a customer of mine could use SQL Clone/Provision in order to provide PROD-like Data anonymised/cleaned for Dev, Test, and Acceptance Testing. However, a closer look at teh data "structure" within the Omada Product will mean that an anonymiser routine would have its work cut out, having to make correlated changes in standard and XML fields.

Is there any experience of anyone doing this?

Many thanks for any input, positive or negative,

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    Hi @AndrewC thank you for your post!
    By correlated changes do you mean, for example, having a FirstName column, LastName column and an XML field in which FirstName and LastName both exist and you need to sync the masking internally to the XML as a result of what the FirstName and LastName get masked to in the separate columns? 
    Or do you mean that you just need something that is capable of masking both standard fields and also XML fields?
    Thank you very much.
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    AndrewCAndrewC Posts: 3 Bronze 1
    @dOCTOClone Hi Doc,

    I'm only starting to get into the Omada Infrastructure so my understanding might be incomplete but yes, your first scenario is the kind of thing I am told we are looking at. There are further complications but I want to cross each bridge one at a time.
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    AndrewCAndrewC Posts: 3 Bronze 1
    Thanks Doc, yes, that does look like it should handle the problem, even though it will require a ton of man hours to implement. Might be an interesting job to set it up, for someone of that kind of mind o:)
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