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We have VSTS (Microsoft) for publishing the .Net (c#)  builds. 
Which RedGate product would assist me in also publishing my SQL server objects (scripts) along the side of my application build releases?

Currently VSTS is handling the versioning and build releases but we are manually, in parallel, pushing the stored procedures (for instance) manually onto the production and allowing VSTS to publish on it own.

So, to make the long story short too late, I would like to have the SQL script to publish at the same time with the rest of the application c# objects.

Any assistance is appreciated.





  • Hi @Esraelo,

    You will want to use SQL Change Automation (SCA) in Visual Studio to help with publishing your SQL Server objects along with your application code.

    You can find the SCA product page here.

    And you can find the SCA documentation here.

    There are addins for a variety of build and release tools to help with this as well, please see the examples and tutorials included in the documentation for SCA Projects and the various addins.

    Kind regards,
    Product Support Engineer | Redgate Software
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